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Looking for buck 110? This is a brand new ac to dc power tool used for solar panel and digital camera, it can be applied on the lcd monitor or lcd screen. This product has an output signal indicator light, when the input power is too high or the output port is too low, you can use it to monitor the display screen at any time. This product is a multifunctional converter for the commonly used functions of car, but also can be used as an auxiliary tool in different applications. With the help of this device, you can solve all kinds of need to set up a long time, and has the advantage of such kind of power supply. The input and output are equivalent to a twoway relay, which can be used as a threeway control over load, and the buck is controlled by one remote controller. What's more, this product is an energysaving accessory, used in high speed dc fans and the most powerful power grids. Meanwhile, this product has the functions of sudden power supply and temperature control, which can be used in industrial automation control systems such as air conditioners and lighting, outdoor activities, etc.

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Wholesale buck 110 for sale - Group buy Freeshipping Power Adapter AC V V to DC V A Switching Power Supply Buck Voltage Regulator W Driver Module

Freeshipping 5 PCS LOT Power Adapter AC 90~240V 110 220V to DC 12V 2A Switching Power Supply Buck Voltage Regulator 24W Driver Module

  • US $11.38 - 12.94/ Piece
  • Free shipping
  • Output voltage:DC 12V
  • Model Number:Power Adapter
  • Input Voltage:AC 90V~240V
  • Output Type:Single
  • Output Power:24W
  • Input voltage:AC 90V~240V 50/60HZ

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